Elemez: enterprise Mobility Intelligence™

Proactively Find & Fix Mobility Issues

Elemez provides the Actionable Intelligence needed to
Minimize Downtime & Maximize the ROI of frontline workers’
Mobile Devices, Applications, and Network Connections.

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Your IT, Finance, Operations and MDM Teams Deserve Better Software Tools.

Because Reliable Mobility is Critical for Your Business

Your company’s frontline workers depend on reliable, cost-effective Windows and Android mobile solutions to deliver goods and services to your customers.

But hidden and often complex problems with your mobile solutions are impacting reliability, increasing your costs and damaging customers’ experience with your brand.

Your teams need and deserve more than what MDM / EMM / UEM solutions provide in order to proactively find and fix these problems.


Three Common Mobility Problems:

Mobility is Failing Your Frontline Workers Far More Often Than Reported to IT or Operations

In a recent global survey, 8 out of 10 frontline workers say they can’t do their job at least once per month because of reliability issues with their mobile device, batteries, applications, or network connections.

But, 90% of these issues are never reported to the help desk leaving your company potentially unaware of the scope of critical reliability issues and exposed to needless costs.

Your Finance Team is Struggling to Capture Mobility Costs  and Measure the ROI of Mobile Investments

Finance struggles to get timely, accurate reporting on mobile device, app and data usage to answer simple questions on mobile asset utilization, ROI and cost controls.

Your Existing MDM/EMM Software Tools Are Failing to Provide the Real-time Analytics & Insights You Need & Deserve

Existing software tools like MDM, EMM, and UEM are not providing the real-time analytics, visibility, and intelligence needed to find and fix these and other problems and help your IT, Operations, and Finance teams provide the needed reliability, uptime, and ROI of mobile solutions.

The Solution: Elemez

Elemez is an easy-to-use software platform that gives IT, Operations, and Finance the real-time, proactive Mobility Intelligence™ they need and deserve to deliver reliable, cost-effective enterprise mobile solutions.

Missing Trouble Tickets. No Problem

Elemez monitors your mobile devices, apps and network connections 7×24 and provides a realtime view of the health and usage of mobile assets without waiting for trouble tickets to alert you to problems.

Supports All Major OEMs

Elemez supports all major device manufacturers of Android and Windows devices – ensuring a single platform to monitor your range of devices.

Simplified Reporting

 Elemez provides web-based reporting as well as custom reporting via Excel™, Power BI™ and other platforms to make it simple for IT, Finance and Operations to report on health and usage of mobile assets.

Intelligence for MDM / EMM

Elemez fits alongside your existing MDM / EMM platform to fill in the gaps they are missing on proactive, real-time intelligence on the health and usage of mobile assets.

Key Benefits

Elemez provides benefits for a wide range of common mobility problems:

Proactively Manage Mobility

Proactively find & fix problems with frontline workers’ mobile devices, apps, and network connections to deliver products and services to your customers.

Eliminate Battery Issues

Understand the health of batteries in your mobile devices.   Easily determine if a battery should be replaced, or if recent app or config changes are causing poor battery performance.

Eliminate Cellular Data Overages

Track cellular data usage on a daily basis to spot trends and even specific devices which may be exceeding their cellular data caps with mobile operators. Take proactive action to eliminate overages.

Find & Fix Productivity Issues

Understand if issues with mobile devices, apps or network connections are impacting key performance metrics with delivering services or products.

Lower Procurement Costs

Understand usage patterns to ensure the right quantity of devices and apps are being purchased.

Produce Custom Reports

Producing custom reports on usage and health of mobile assets can be time-consuming if not impossible.  Elemez makes it easy including custom reporting in Excel™, PowerBI™ and other tools you already use.

Find & Fix Network Issues

Proactively Understanding Cellular and Network quality issues is key to deciphering application issues and service / product delivery issues.

Find Lost Devices

Find & return devices which are no longer in their home location or have mistakenly been left idle and never returned to their charging station.

Analyze your Mobility ROI

Use Elemez’ rich APIs and custom reporting to combine Elemez’ intelligence on mobile asset health and usage with other data sets and produce in-depth analysis in Excel™, Power BI™ and other tools.

Intelligently Manage App Versions

Determining if all devices have received the latest firmware or app updates can be challenging using only an MDM / EMM.  Elemez makes it easy.

No Trouble Tickets? No Problem.

Elemez’ real-time analytics and intelligence allow your help desk and operations teams to find and fix problems without waiting for help desk calls (that may never come).

Find and Fix App Update Issues

Gain the visibility and intelligence MDM / EMM tools are missing to spot problems immediately after an app update or configuration change.

Eliminate Underutilized Assets

Easily run daily reports showing the usage of purchased mobile devices and apps to spot underused assets in the field which can be redeployed or not renewed.

Eliminate No-Fault Found RMAs

Quickly isolate root causes of problems to avoid RMAs which result in expensive No-Fault-Found results because devices should have not been returned.

Enhance App Debug Tools

Use Elemez’ rich APIs to create custom alerts and alarms as desired to monitor device, app and network health from within your own software application development.

Track Dropped Devices

Dropped mobile devices are the number one root cause of hardware failure.   Elemez can set alarms to report excessive drops on various Android OEM devices.

It’s easy to get started

Let's Talk

Share your current mobility challenges. Together, we will develop a plan to meet your goals for greater visibility and control over enterprise mobility.

Install & Learn

Each mobile device installs a small application to provide real-time analytics you can then monitor from any web browser.  It’s simple to install and get started.

Increase Visibility & Control

Expand your daily use of our software tools with our support. Identify the daily needs of IT, Operations and Finance for insights you can act on for mobile devices, apps and investments.  Easily create custom reports in Excel™, Power BI™ or other tools.

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