Enterprise mobile analytics

Optimize your mobile devices and maximize productivity

Your workers rely on mobile technology to carry out their day to day activities. If that technology fails to perform optimally then worker productivity can be reduced, impacting customer satisfaction and in some cases resulting in financial penalties. 

B2M are experts at helping companies monitor their enterprise mobile devices, spotting issues before they have an impact and highlighting ways to make improvements that will increase the return on investment.



Optimising your return on enterprise mobility

Imagine a world where you can instantly identify issues with your mobile deployment that are impacting on productivity. That world exists, let us show you how.
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Who we've helped

Providing mobile device intelligence to drive new business
Optimising device usage across distribution centres
Royal Mail
Improving device utilisation for postal workers
The Barcode Warehouse
Supporting industry leading managed services with mobile analytics
Optimising productivity in the warehouse and showroom
Monitoring mobile devices for one of the world's largest OEMs
Optimising real estate management
Enhancing TRG's enterprise mobile device services
Monitoring mobile devices for one of the world's largest OEMs
Powering Panasonic's Smart Service for ruggedised products
Providing insights into mobile passenger and baggage check-in
Improving device visibility within this parcel carrier’s distribution centres