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Since 2002, B2M Solutions has focused exclusively on the needs of enterprises to successfully deploy and manage enterprise mobile solutions.

Let us tell you a little about our Journey

Over twenty years ago, Julie Purves founded B2M. And in her original business plan, she highlighted the vision for the company:

B2M is founded to address a growing cost-management issue for companies deploying mobile computing solutions.  Specifically, the need to measure, manage and reduce the cost of all elements that constitute that solution including hardware, software and communications providers.

Over 20 years later, that vision is more true than ever as companies now depend on reliable mobile devices, apps and network connections in the hands of their workforce.

The original vision is still the driving force behind our development of Elemez which leads the market in functionality and acceptance and provides the visibility and intelligence needed to minimize the downtime and maximize the ROI of mobile solutions for their frontline workers.

Some of the highlights of the last twenty+ years’ journey are in the slides below.



Company founded: Research and development, mProdigy is brought to market.


First major mobility solution deployed: Lynx Express (later acquired by UPS).


Relationship with British Telecom is established: Leads to the selection of mProdigy for mobile deployments.


mProdigy selected by Johnson Controls: Platform for Managed Service Programme.


Major deployments of mProdigy in the US: Syclo OEM agreement, Moody International selects mProdigy.


Strategic partnerships with Psion and SITA: easyJet decides on mProdigy for the Halo project.


mProdigy selected by Ferguson: Largest wholesale plumbing distributor in the US.


Elemez: Development of analytics cloud-based product. Elemez selected by Motorola, embedded client on new TC55 Android devices.


Motorola Solutions Venture Capital invest with a syndicate of UK investors. Established US subsidiary and offices.


Panasonic Computer Products Solutions select Elemez to power Toughbook Smart Service.


B2M named a “Cool Vendor” in Mobile and Wireless Analytics by Gartner.


Elemez: introduction of Battery Essentials and Device Essentials modules.   

Panasonic North America launched Smart Service, built on the Elemez platform


UK Power Networks see a dramatic improvement in their internal Customer Usage stats as a result of using Panasonic’s Smart Service, powered by Elemez


Elemez: Core upgraded to deliver a whole new user experience


B2M awarded a Bronze Medal in the Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index.

The 4th Annual Enterprise Mobility report confirmed an urgent need in the marketplace for the functionalities that Elemez delivers


Peak Technologies bundles Elemez with the “Peak Mobile Insights” managed service offering for enterprise customers.

B2M awarded a Gold Medal in the Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index.


B2M Selected for the Innovate UK Edge Scaleup Programme.

The 5th Annual Survey and State of Enterprise Mobility highlights for the 5th year in a row a growing gap between the need for reliable, cost-effective mobile solutions and the reality of daily use by frontline workers, IT, Operations and Finance.

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What People Say About B2M

Analytics on data gathered from mobile devices can provide great insights about root causes of problems, and can help to operate them more efficiently and save money.

Cool Vendors in Mobile and Wireless Analytics


B2M is a category standout.    B2M’s Elemez platform will give administrators full visibility into their mobile deployments, and help in identifying problems before they are disruptive to productivity.

David Krebs

VDC Research

Getting the insight that truly makes a difference for device reliability, performance and user efficiency takes more than reviewing basic downtime reports and repair records. You need to learn what causes devices to slow down or fail, and what can be done to prevent it. The more information you can get about how your devices perform and what affects their performance, the more value you can get out of them.

Terry Solesbury

PDA & Mobility Director, Royal Mail Group

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Dan Hedges

Head of Mobile

Danny Ronsayro

Solutions Architect

Emma Turner

Admin Manager

Gary Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Purves

Founder, Advisor

    Keith Mumford

    Head of Product Management

    Michael Rowe

    Principal System Architect

    Mike Darnell

    Security Advisor and Business Support

    Richard Grills

    HR Advisor

    Sinead Charles

    Management Accountant

    Warren Price

    Warren Price

    Chief Financial Officer