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We provide the software tools you need & deserve to gain control over enterprise mobility.


Our Story

Since being founded in 2002, more than 30 Tier 1 OEMs and MSPs, including BT and Psion/Motorola Solutions/Zebra Technologies and most recently Panasonic, have partnered with B2M to understand how their ruggedised mobile devices are being deployed at companies like easyJet, Ferguson and Johnson Controls.

B2M’s real-time mobile intelligence platform helps our customers to build devices perfectly suited to real-world applications and enables our partners to manage their customer deployments to optimise critical processes, leading to unprecedented operational efficiency. Tracking Key Performance Indicators and using this information provides the springboard for product and service differentiation.


Company founded: Research and development, mProdigy is brought to market.


First major mobility solution deployed: Lynx Express (later acquired by UPS).


Relationship with British Telecom is established: Leads to the selection of mProdigy for mobile deployments.


mProdigy selected by Johnson Controls: Platform for Managed Service Programme.


Major deployments of mProdigy in the US: Syclo OEM agreement, Moody International selects mProdigy.


Strategic partnerships with Psion and SITA: easyJet decides on mProdigy for the Halo project.


mProdigy selected by Ferguson: Largest wholesale plumbing distributor in the US.


Elemez: Development of analytics cloud-based product. Elemez selected by Motorola, embedded client on new TC55 Android devices.


Motorola Solutions Venture Capital invest with a syndicate of UK investors. Established US subsidiary and offices.


Panasonic Computer Products Solutions select Elemez to power Toughbook Smart Service.


B2M named a “Cool Vendor” in Mobile and Wireless Analytics by Gartner.


Elemez: introduction of Battery Essentials and Device Essentials modules.   

Panasonic North America launched Smart Service, built on the Elemez platform


UK Power Networks see a dramatic improvement in their internal Customer Usage stats as a result of using Panasonic’s Smart Service, powered by Elemez


Elemez: Core upgraded to deliver a whole new user experience


B2M awarded a Bronze Medal in the Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index.

The 4th Annual Enterprise Mobility report confirmed an urgent need in the marketplace for the functionalities that Elemez delivers


Peak Technologies bundle Elemez with the “Peak Mobile Insights” managed service offering for enterprise customers

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Our Crew


We are an interesting lot. Some fun facts about our team members (you’ll have to guess who they are):

  • One of us has been on several ghost hunts and have witnessed things which don’t have a rational explanation. 

  • One of us collects model Batmobiles.

  • One of us wrote a 10,000 word (exactly) story at the age of ten and has published a novel.

  • One of us has danced the salsa with Che Guevara’s son.

  • One of us used to race sailing boats and almost tried out for the Olympics.

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