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Driving Enterprise Performance Series

Enterprise mobility is now mission-critical with most business leaders agreeing that employees cannot complete tasks effectively without mobile devices.

Our five-chapter content series addresses the challenges enterprises face supporting mission-critical mobility.

B2M’s Elemez lowers the True Cost of Ownership™ of mobility, improving the overall performance of mobile devices, applications and users.

Driving Enterprise Mobility Performance Series

2019 State of Enterprise Mobility

B2m industry report Every year, B2M surveys industries which depend on effective mobile device management and compiles this data into an industry report.Read the Report.The 2nd annual State of Enterprise Mobility Survey and Report was released on 1 October 2019. This...

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Detection of Dropped Mobile Devices

Process optimisation or troubleshooting? Based on our experience supporting real-time analytics across almost 2M devices around the globe, Mobile device analytics can be used to help enterprises in two different areas: Troubleshooting and Process Optimisation....

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Blog: How Can I Optimize My Mobile Devices?

The traditional and accepted way for organizations to care for the mobile devices that their workers use is to monitor them through a mobile device management (MDM) system and provide troubleshooting as necessary, typically when the support desk gets a call with a problem.

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Video: Elemez Mobile Intelligence Platform

Elemez™ from B2M Solutions™ gives mobile device OEMs, managed service providers and enterprise customers real-time operational views of key business and technology analytics affecting the performance and productivity of mobile enterprise deployments.

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Blog: MDM alone is not enough

It is important to understand that mobile device management and mobile device analytics are not the same thing. You need both of them to achieve the best possible uptime for your mobile devices, and the best productivity for the workers who rely on them.

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Video: What is B2M Solutions?

B2M Solutions is a privately held company based in Abingdon, UK, with marketing and sales operations in Atlanta, Ga., U.S. The company was founded in 2002 to provide mobile software that delivers valuable insights and actionable analytics for enterprise customers with mission-critical applications.

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