Driving Enterprise Mobility Performance Series

About this series

This five-chapter series addresses the challenges enterprises face supporting mission-critical mobility.

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Use Case: Improving Help Desk Operations through Elemez™

The volume and complexity of issues that help desk operators are tasked with dealing with growing. Here’s how B2M’s Elemez provides real-time visibility to assist help desk workers become more effective and efficient.

Use Case: Mobile Application Change Management

Real-time visability is crucial to supporting application changes due to the bugs and instability that may be introduced. This Use Case explains how B2M’s Elemez can help.

Use Case: Finding Lost, Stolen or Underutilized Devices

Here’s why being able to quickly spot devices that are no longer in service and have therefore potentially been lost or stolen is a critical tool for enterprise mobility management.

Use Case: Eliminating Mobile Battery Headaches with Elemez™

Battery failure is one of the most common types of problems, with the vast majority of workers and companies reporting this issue. Here’s how real-time analytics can help.

Chapter 2: The True Cost of Ownership™ of Enterprise Mobility

The True Cost of Ownership of Enterprise Mobility

When we consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of mobility, should we really be trying to identify the True Cost of Ownership™ of enterprise mobility?

Report: Is Device Reliability affecting the Health of Mobile Workers?

The Impact of Mobile Device Issues on Employe Health and Well-being

How does the reliability of a mobile device affect the health and wellbeing of mobile workers? Read our complete health survey report here.

Blog: Is mobile device failure making your workers sick?

Is mobile device failure making your workers sick?

Mobile workers are suffering because of issues with mobile devices. Our blog explains how real-time analytics can help ensure availability.

Video: Mobile Issues Affecting Business

What issues are affecting businesses where mobile is now mission-critical? Can real-time mobile analytics provide solutions?

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