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The RAC selects B2M and Panasonic to support roadside assistance service

The RAC selects B2M and Panasonic to support roadside assistance service

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Press Release

ABINGDON, UK, August 29, 2017

After a successful bid to win a new roadside assistance contract, the RAC required an innovative solution to provide insight into the performance of mobile computers used by approximately 100 of its roadside technicians.

To fulfil this requirement, the RAC turned to B2M Solutions’ partner, Panasonic Computer Products Solutions. Panasonic provided the RAC with Toughbook CF-20 rugged detachable notebooks combined with Toughbook Smart Service, a managed service that is powered by B2M’s Elemez mobile device analytics.

Hosted in the cloud, Toughbook Smart Service will support the RAC by alerting the RAC’s IT team of any issues with the devices that can affect user operations and customer experience.

The solution enables the RAC’s team to take proactive steps to resolve problems that could prevent their technicians from opening, processing or closing jobs, causing delays to the service they provide. Problems could include issues such as applications that are failing to load, lack of connectivity or devices failing to charge.

Steve Casey, IT lead at the RAC commented: “Panasonic’s Toughbook Smart Service is hosted in the cloud and is easily deployed, providing the RAC with mobile analytics without any development or infrastructure costs.

“The solution provides the RAC with access to real-time utilization analytics down to the application level through the Elemez interactive dashboard. Besides application level analytics and data usage, the system provides the ability to monitor device disruptions that could be impacting the productivity of our patrols at the side of the road.”

Besides identifying problems and disruptions with devices, the Elemez solution powering Panasonic’s Toughbook Smart Service also allows the RAC to set up customizable real-time alerts, for example highlighting a device that has gone out of contact, so that rapid action can be taken.

Additionally, the mobile analytics data has also been integrated into the RAC’s own internal analytics systems via a web API.

B2M Solutions Founder and CEO, Julie Purves said: “The decision to implement mobile device analytics is testament to the value that the additional insights and real-time alerts can provide to a business that relies heavily on the use of mobile technology to provide exceptionally high levels of service.”


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