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Mobile Enterprise Visibility

Wishing you had better visibility, management and control over your mobile devices and users?  Feeling like it’s impossible to get ahead of the constant stream of mobile outages, end-users calling with problems, and a volume of trouble tickets which never ends?

Elemez provides unprecedented Real-time Proactive, Preventive and Predictive management of mobility to help you alleviate much of the costly and unmanageable operations of enterprise mobility.  Elemez has been installed on over 1 million mobile devices and processes more than 1.6 Billion real-time events every month capturing and flagging mobile issues often before end-users are even aware there is a problem.

Elemez offers a range of product options that enable you to scale your investment to suit your budget, and meet your business improvement targets. All products are built on a cloud-based platform that gets your devices connected and starts measuring your mobile performance within 24 hours.

Find out what Mobile & Wireless Analytics can do to drive your mobility performance to a new level.

Elemez Essentials

Modular Solutions:

Battery Essentials

  • Software tools to easily understand What Battery issues are occurring across all your mobile devices
  • Proactive Real-time Battery Health monitoring on all devices that predicts battery failure
  • Out of the box solution – no development or integration required
  • Easy to deploy with or without an MDM
  • Actionable e-mail Alerts for Panasonic and Zebra smart batteries
  • Actionable e-mail Warnings for standard mobile batteries

Device Essentials

  • Software tools to easily understand What issues are occurring across Mobile Devices in your estate
  • Proactive Real-time Device Health monitoring on all devices to highlight issues affecting end-users
  • Proactive, Real-time views of device locations and status to quickly spot devices which may be lost or stolen
  • Out of the box solution – no development or integration required
  • Easy to deploy with or without an MDM

Elemez Core

Visibility for your entire Mobile Ecosystem:

  • Software Tool to understand What & Why devices are not healthy or under / over-utilized
  • Comprehensive and holistic real-time monitoring, diagnostic and trend analysis for Mobile Devices, Applications, Batteries, Cellular, WiFi, Sim cards, Disruptions, Operating Systems, Patches, Hotfixes, SIM cards and much more
  • Web dashboard / console top-level visibility across all mobile devices with drill-down to individual groups and even specific Devices or Apps
  • Actionable Alert notifications
  • Enables Trend Analysis powered by the latest in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

Elemez Synergy

Customised Operational Intelligence:

  • Enhance your Operations and Service Web portals and Apps with Analytics Insights and Alerts powered by Elemez APIs
  • Integrate Elemez’ real-time analytics with 3rd party data to provide a rich overview of your mobility devices, apps and users
  • Drag, drop, analyse and visualise using your favourite REST-friendly Business Intelligence Tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or Qlik
  • Drag, drop and automate the easy stuff using a REST-friendly Workflow tool like Microsoft Flow
  • Easy integration of our real-time analytics data with Microsoft Excel using Power Query tools
  • Subscription includes exciting new API features 

Battery Essentials

Mobile Battery Analytics

By definition, all mobile devices rely on a battery. Batteries degrade over time, and this results in reduced performance which can lead to failure in business and mission-critical services. Mobile battery performance issues can be hard to pinpoint, and ad-hoc manual testing is often impractical. Large-scale annual replacement programmes cause pain, cost and delays throughout the supply chain. Understanding where and when batteries are about to fail makes it possible for enterprises, device manufacturers and managed service providers to deliver a truly proactive on-demand mobile battery repair and replacement service.

Elemez Battery Essentials predicts battery failure and is an easy, yet powerful, first step on your Mobile & Wireless Analytics and optimisation journey.

Currently supports:


Device Essentials

Real-time visibility into device health 

Device Essentials is an analytics service that tracks your device estate health in real-time to provide far more data than your MDM solution is capable of.

Information provided by Device Essentials allows your business to:

  • Stop losing devices
  • Know asset usage to spot under / over utilized mobile assets
  • Quickly Resolve issues Affecting your End-users

The user-friendly cloud-based web dashboard allows businesses to translate millions of device events into a simple red, amber, and green operational status for the three key elements of front line performance: Location, Utilization & User Experience.  This simple display of relevant real-time device data allows businesses to locate lost/stolen devices, determine how well devices are being utilized, and resolve business-halting device problems before worker productivity is impacted.

Currently supports:

Real-time Holistic Mobile & Wireless Analytics

Elemez Core enables you to see highly detailed data for all aspects of your Mobile Ecosystem. 

Elemez Core uses the power and scale of its purpose-built platform to collect, analyse and extract insights from the billions of online and offline mobile events that occur in your mobile estate every month.

The web dashboard / console provides a flight-deck style overview with the ability to drill down into the information collected and identify emerging trends helping you to act on potential issues before they disrupt your business services.  

Get full visibility of your mobile ecosystem and work smarter not harder:

  • Get notified about live problems with actionable Alerts
  • See live problems unfold and stop them fast
  • Spot trends early and take action to avoid problems

Currently supports:


Customised Operational Intelligence

To unleash the full potential of Mobile & Wireless Analytics you need to plug into the rest of your organisation using the latest in Web API technology.

Elemez Synergy offers all of the features and benefits of Elemez Core and offers a comprehensive suite of Web APIs adding the ability to put the data into the heart of your operations. With Elemez Synergy you can find even more opportunities to minimise disruptions and optimise device performance and you can view the data the way you want to see it.

Not sure how to get started with APIs? Then call on our Professional Service Team, who will get you up and running in no time!

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