Real Time Mobile Device Analytics

Driving increased performance

Just like a Formula 1 racing team, your workers need to be able to rely on their technology to receive and transmit vital information so that they can achieve peak performance.

Real time mobile analytics ensures that your IT and operations team have the insight and foresight to monitor their mobile technology and predict and prevent problems so your workers can drive your business forward for you without any interruptions.

Prevent mobile connectivity issues

Keep your workers connected

Do your workers suffer from celluar or wifi connectivity problems?

Are your data charges spiralling out of control?

Mobile analytics monitors connectivity inside your building and out in the field identifying problems so you can fix them. It is also tracks data usage so you can regain control of your mobile bills.

Stop connectivity issues in their tracks.

Prevent mobile device slow down due to applications

Monitor new applications

Have you ever found that doing a software update has caused a problem with your mobile devices?

Do your devices run slowly when your workers use certain applications?

Mobile device analytics can give you real time visibility of the applications in use across your mobile estate, identifying issues such as software conflicts which can cause reduced performance and faster than normal battery drain.

Identify application issues before they become a problem with mobile analytics.

Utilise your devices fully by knowing where they all are

Maximise device utilisation

Have you ever wondered where all your devices are?

Have you purchased new devices only to find you had spares but just didn't know it?

Companies typically only utilise 60-70% of their mobile estate as they have no idea where the remaining 30-40% of their devices are or they think they are being used when they aren't. 

Mobile analytics gives you the visibility to locate your devices and work out which ones are in use and which ones are simply gathering dust or have been left on a park bench.

Mobile analytics makes battery issues a thing of the past

Prevent battery failure

Do your mobile workers complain that their devices don't last a full shift?

Are battery problems a frequent issue in your business?

Batteries are arguably the most critical part of a mobile device but far too often let workers down.

Mobile analytics monitors the health and status of your batteries, triggering an alert if a battery related problem is identified. This enables your IT team to identify devices with batteries that aren't performing and plan battery refreshes in good time.

Put an end to battery problems forever.

Help to ensure your mobile devices work well to avoid user frustration

Relieve user frustration

Are your users frustrated when their mobile devices hang or reboot?

Is this impacting on your ability to deliver great service to your customers?

There are a number of reasons why mobile devices slow down or suddenly reboot and mobile analytics provides the insight to identify the root cause so you can fix the problem.

Your mobile workers have enough challenges to deal with from traffic jams to roadworks, don't let device disruptions add to their frustrations.