How B2M can help Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Today’s MSPs are looking for ways to increase their service offering, differentiate and grow their business and increase their revenue and profit.

B2M can help MSPs to do just that. By providing MSPs with the ability to see what’s happening to devices in real time, view trends across different locations, monitor applications and identify potential problems before they impact the customer, B2M gives MSPs the ability to create their own device services based on the individual metrics that matter most to their customers. With B2M’s APIs, MSPs can pull the data they want into their own service portals so that it can be displayed in a way most suited to the customer and with their own branding.

B2M can also enable MSPs to blend data from other sources with device data to provide a raft of new insights helping to identify the root cause of problems and ultimately helping the MSP to enable the end customer to truly optimise the performance of their devices and maximise their return on investment.

Differentiate your service offering, increase your revenue and help your customers to optimise their return on investment.

Real-time Mobile Device Analytics for Field Service workers
Real-time Mobile Device Analytics for Field Service workers

Elemez Core

As a managed service provider you’ll be looking for ways to increase the services you offer to your customers to help them to get the most from their investment in mobile technology and to help you to increase revenue and profit. Elemez’s interactive dashboard can help you to get additional visibility of your customers’ devices, showing you exactly what’s happening with all of their mobile devices in real time. Integrating with any MDM/EMM, Elemez Core is cloud-based, quick and easy to set up and the data provided can even be delivered directly into your service portal via our APIs. See what’s happening to a customers’ mobile estate in real time, drill down into individual devices, spot problems as they unfold and track trends in device performance. Has that latest software patch had a detrimental effect on the performance of a particular device model? Are batteries failing to last a full shift? Are devices being affected by disruptions such as reboots that are impacting worker productivity? Elemez Core can help you to find out so that you can advise your customers on how to optimise their mobile devices.

And should the unthinkable happen then Elemez Core will notify you of the critical event so that you can contact your customer and take action fast.

Elemez Advanced Device Analytics

Going deeper into the mobile device, Elemez Advanced Device Analytics enables customer specific device data to be viewed along with standard device data providing visibility of the metrics that matter most to your customers. Data such as real time GPS device location, data usage by installed application and smart battery monitoring can all be provided directly into custom service portals. See what’s happening within your customers’ devices in real time. Identify potential issues such as applications that shouldn’t have been loaded on the device, applications that are overworking the processor or potentially dangerous thermal changes in smart batteries and recommend the actions that need to taken before these issues have an impact on their business. Find opportunities to minimise the device disruptions your customers are experiencing and truly optimise their device performance making you a trusted advisor. Enhance your service revenues and give your customers the ability to view the key data about their devices from your service portal via our APIs. 

Help your customers to get more from their investment in enterprise mobile devices. 

Real-time Mobile Device Analytics for Field Service workers
Real-time Mobile Device Analytics for Field Service workers

Elemez Application Integration

Combining data about your customers’ mobile devices with data from applications running on their devices delivers powerful insights. Elemez Application Integration goes one step further by collecting data from third party systems, such as cold storage freezers or warehouse management systems, and blending it with the device and application data that can then be integrated with your service portal enhancing your service revenue. With Elemez Advanced Device Analytics you can identify devices that aren’t performing optimally for your customers and see whether there is anything running on the devices that is causing this to happen. With Elemez Application Integration you can combine this knowledge with information from other technology giving a further level of additional insight. You may, for example, find that the devices that aren’t performing fully are regularly being left in a cold store freezer which is causing the batteries to fail before the end of the shift leading to costly unplanned disruptions. You can differentiate your service offering by delivering valuable insight about their devices helping to keep the competition at bay whilst building your credibility as a trusted advisor.

Understand the root cause of problems with your customers’ devices and recommend actions to solve them.

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