Deploy. Manage. Control. Improve.

mprodigy is focused on frontline device management in tough environments.

Used by businesses from plumbing to parcel delivery, mprodigy is all about getting your mission-critical devices deployed and making sure you stay in control.

The Challenge

Your front line team absolutely depend on mobile devices to do their job. Disconnected devices result in unproductive employees and unhappy customers, whilst service disruptions damage both your brand and bottom line.

Your front line workers rely on their devices much more than information workers, so the challenge is to keep your mobile services operational, whilst managing support costs and make the best use of your mobile assets.

The Solution

mprodigy specialises in supporting front-line mobile users.    Designed from the ground up to help deploy, manage, control and improve mission-critical devices that are out in the field; no matter how tough the environment is.

Any by combining mprodigy with Elemez, customers are able to go far beyond traditional MDM / EMM solutions, and provide the real-time visibility into mobile device health and utilization to continuously improve both the reliability and uptime of mobile assets and the return on investment required for today’s business-critical deployments.


Choose the edition that suits your needs.

There are two editions of mprodigy: Standard and Professional. Both support a wide range of big brand device makes in the rugged marketplace, including Zebra, Honeywell, Panasonic and Getac.

Why is mprodigy the best MDM solution for your frontline teams?

mprodigy is a tried and tested MDM that offers you stability. Here’s three reasons why:


Robust Over-the-air Deployment

Detailed controls to schedule, manage and monitor updates to your entire mobile estate: preventing disruptions to front line operations.

Fix Devices in the Field

Get devices back up and running quickly without time consuming remote control sessions or device recalls.

Go faster with Automation

Implement changes to devices quicker with reduced risk, freeing up I.T. staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

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