mprodigy Features

With mprodigy you can…


Consistently and reliably update devices, even over low bandwidth mobile networks, with an unequalled level of control that enables you to prevent disruption.


Efficiently handle device support calls on the help desk. Resolve user issues quickly without device recalls.


Maintain absolute control over your mobile assets and support worker productivity.


Capture key metrics across your mobile estate and use the data to improve both customer and staff satisfaction levels.


Feature Hightlights

mprodigy contains the features you need to comprehensively manage your front line mobile devices. Feature highlights include…



Multiple Commissioning methods for efficient staging • Bulk device Commissioning • Define multiple hierarchies of device groups in complex organisations

Deployment and Rollout

Granular controls to suit your network capabilities and shift patterns • Zero-touch OTA deployments and upgrades • Time-zone-aware scheduling • Device OS updates and validation


Configuration Management

Create Profile  (Gold Builds) managing change with tight Version control • Maintain total control over the configuration of all devices • Visibility of misaligned devices in an unexpected state

Asset Management

Protection against duplicate assets • Detection of integrated (e.g. Bluetooth) & non-integrated (e.g. SIM cards) assets • Protection against duplicate assets

Helpdesk Diagnostic and Resolution Tools

Remote diagnostics • Remote device rebuild enabling gold build reinstatement • Real-time device remote control

Security Features

Multi-tenancy with full separation • Device data encryption • Kiosk (device lockdown) • Security Policy • Remote wipe • End-to-end encrypted communications • On-premise or cloud hosted


Secure REST API • Automate Deployment and Roll out • Integration with popular 3rd party DevOps tools

Device Analytics

Battery performance • User disruption • Mobile network performance • Help Desk performance • Device utilization analysis

Device Certification

Confidence and assurance through device certification • Windows CE 5, 6, 7 • Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 • Android 4.4 and later

Depend on mprodigy to work hard for you

mprodigy has been focused on front line mobile device management since 2002. A robust solution for tough environments bringing benefits including…


  • Eliminate no-fault found (NFF) returns
  • Reduce your support costs
  • Keep in control of your front line mobile devices
  • Gain valuable insights to help improve performance and device adoption

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