mProdigy mobile device management


Developed to help businesses with large mobile deployments to set up and configure their devices, manage over the air updates and lock down devices that get lost or stolen, mProdigy is a mobile device management platform (MDM) with a difference.

It goes beyond traditional mobile device management by helping companies proactively monitor, analyse and act on information about their business-critical mobile devices. Information such as ensuring that devices are always in the known state of 'gold build', batteries are being managed effectively and devices are being fully utilised.

mProdigy helps businesses to configure, deploy, manage and maintain their devices, monitoring device health and maximising device security. 

mprodigy battery analysis

Intelligent MDM

mProdigy takes MDM to a whole new level. It not only supports the standard functions of rollout and deployment, over the air (OTA) helpdesk tools and asset management but also monitors deployed devices and provides critical business intelligence about those devices to keep the mobile estate at peak performance.

Intelligence such as:

  • Device and network monitoring
  • Reporting on key metrics across all aspects of the project lifecycle
  • Dashboard-driven advance analytics covering battery, WAN/WLAN, disruptions and device utilisation
  • Helpdesk performance analysis
  • Business process execution including process flow, process throughput and process utilisation
  • Device health monitoring and proactive alerting mechanism
  • Real time device performance
  • Measure, analyse, compare and optimise 

Why opt for standard MDM when you can have intelligent MDM. Let B2M show you how.

prodigy device utilisation

Advanced device security

If a device gets into the wrong hands sensitive business and customer data could be compromised putting a business and its reputation at risk.

mProdigy helps to minimise that risk with a range of advanced security features including:

  • Remote device wiping
  • Encrypted communications including: secure communications between server and device, Transport Layer Security (TSL/SSL) for remote management and control, HTTPS for secure file transfer, 3DES encryption for deployment file storage
  • Device data encryption including: storage card, internal Flash memory, Microsoft Mobile Encryption, AES 128 encryption algorithm, FiPS 140-2 compliant
  • Fully configurable device lockdown
  • PIN device lock / auto lock including timeout delay for incorrect PIN and idle PIN entry screen 
  • Secure introduction of devices into the enterprise
  • Role-based security for console access to limit the users that can access and control devices

Don't risk compromising enterprise device data. Let mProdigy keep them safe and secure.

Additional resources

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Alternatively, if we've got your interest why not get in touch, we'd be delighted to meet with you to discuss your business and see how mProdigy could help. 

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