Mobile analytics is driving performance improvements in healthcare

Are your staff able to consistently meet or exceed the service levels your patients expect?

Mobile devices used in healthcare environments can encounter unexpected problems that are difficult to diagnose. What if you could take proactive measures to prevent these issues from happening?
Mobile analytics can identify and prevent battery issues for healthcare professionals

Don't let battery failure impact patient care

There's nothing worse than seeing the battery die on your mobile device whilst trying to perform a critical task. 

Batteries are the lifeblood of a mobile device and battery management can be a major challenge and cost. 

Real time enterprise mobile analytics enables you to monitor the health of your batteries and the charging behaviours of staff so your team won't get caught without power.

It's time to proactively identify batteries that are failing and ensure your staff have the power they need to last a full shift. 

Mobile analytics can optimise Wi-Fi connectivity for healthcare workers

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi black holes

We all know how frustrating it is to lose Wi-Fi coverage or to find that it is on 'go slow'. In a healthcare situation this can be critical for the patient.

Mobile device analytics can help you to understand when, where and how coverage issues are impacting your devices so you can take action and measure the improvements resulting from the changes you make.

Don't let connectivity issues impact on patient care.

Mobile analytics reduces mobile disruptions for healthcare staff

Stop user frustration in its tracks

49% of employees feel that downtime seriously hinders their ability to work, according to an Arlington Research Report commissioned by SOTI.

With real time enterprise mobile analytics you can capture information before and after a disruptive event, gain insight into the root cause and take action to prevent issues from arising again.

You can also identify memory capacity issues, which can be crucial in areas where Wi-Fi is not allowed and devices are used in store and forward mode.

Mobile analytics help prevent application issues for healthcare providers

Don't suffer from application updates

Software updates are critical but all too often cause problems on mobile devices. This means your staff may encounter issues or find that certain applications don't work at all.

Mobile device analytics provides visibility of how devices performed before and after a new application or update is deployed.

Application driven issues such as increased battery consumption, device lock ups or reboots can be quickly identified and addressed.

Let your workers focus on delivering excellent healthcare free from any worries about their mobile devices.

Real time mobile analytics prevents mobile device loss in healthcare

No more lost devices!

With busy schedules and the pressure of juggling lots of patients mistakes happen.

Devices get lost, it's a fact of life.

But with real time mobile analytics you can track your devices so they can be recovered and put back to use quickly.