Warehouse and Distribution

Mobile analytics is driving performance improvements for distribution companies


Are Your Staff Able to Consistently Meet or Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations?

Mobile devices used in distribution and warehousing can encounter unexpected problems that are difficult to diagnose. What if you could take proactive measures to prevent these issues from happening?


Say Goodbye to Wi-Fi Blackholes 

We all know how frustrating it is to lose Wi-Fi coverage or to find that it is on ‘go slow’.

Mobile device analytics can help you to understand when, where and how coverage issues are impacting your warehouse so you can take action and measure the improvements resulting from the changes you make.

Don’t let connectivity issues slow your business down.


Don’t Suffer From Application Updates

Software updates are critical but all too often cause problems on mobile devices. This means workers in your warehouse may encounter issues or find that certain applications don’t work at all.

Mobile device analytics provides visibility of how devices performed before and after a new application or update is deployed.

Application driven issues such as increased battery consumption, device lock ups or reboots can be quickly identified and addressed.


Stop User Frustration in Its Tracks

2019 B2M Report found that 66% of employees who experience issues with their mobile devices feel anxious or varying levels of stress when their mobile devices fail and they cannot perform their job.

Staff will typically restart a device to resolve an issue, but this makes it difficult to identify the root cause of the problem.

Mobile device analytics gives you greater visibility of your devices, wherever they are located. You can capture information before and after a disruptive event, gain insight into the root cause and take action to prevent issues from arising again.


Make Battery Problems A Thing of the Past

Batteries are the lifeblood of a mobile device but for many companies battery management is a major challenge and cost. 

Mobile device analytics enables you to monitor the health of your batteries and the charging behaviours of staff. You can proactively identify batteries that are failing or unable to power a mobile device for a workday.

Stop purchasing extra batteries to keep at the ready, replace them only as needed.

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