Can you guarantee your remote field engineers always have mobile communications without real-time device analytics for utility companies? 

For Utility Companies, loss of mobile communications equals lost productivity, broken SLAs and unnecessary costs. See how real-time device analytics for utility companies can help you be proactive in preventing mobile failures and reduce operational costs.


From Reactive Responses to Proactive Analytics

Utility companies need to sustain operations to provide some of the most essential services, like water, electricity, gas and consumer products.

As a result, an increasing number of companies have added real-time analytics software to monitor mobile devices remotely and ensure that any emerging issues can be rectified before workers’ productivity is impacted.

This has transformed the role of I.T. from being reactive to users’ problems after they have logged a Trouble Ticket to being proactive and able to prevent problems before workers’ devices are affected or even fail.


Proven Results 

In addition to receiving alerts about the health, utilization and connectivity of the mobile estate, most customers have specific problems such as in the case of UK Power Networks, an electric utility company in the United Kingdom which provides power to over 8 million homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.

After 6 months of using B2Ms’ Elemez product they shrunk the weekly number of battery related help desk Trouble Tickets from eleven to zero. They also increased their internal customer satisfaction rating from 6 to 9 out of 10 and critically, they found that through working with B2M they resolved a major issue concerning the time to boot devices. To learn more, please refer to their case study which can be found at UK Power Networks


Use Case: Real-time Analytics and Batteries for Utilities

Real-time device analytics help those in the utility industry to lower the total costs of ownership of devices by providing insight into the status of devices.  For example, without real-time analytics, when a user thinks their battery needs replacing and requests a replacement, support cannot diagnose if the battery is the real problem.  They have no choice but to authorize the return and duly issue a replacement, even if the battery is in fact healthy.

This process causes the user downtime, increases I.T. and delivery costs as well as increases the expense of holding a large stock of spare batteries. Using B2Ms’ analytics software Elemez is more cost effective because the system alerts I.T. that a users’ battery cannot be recharged to an acceptable level and is in danger of not lasting a full shift. Support simply issues a replacement before the user knows there is a problem.


Using Analytics to Craft Utility Company Personas

As companies become more accomplished in using mobile monitoring and analytics, they find that the tool can be used to optimize their mobile estates.

An example of this is that Utility companies are looking to create user personas to make sure that operatives have the best device and applications they need to perform their own particular job functions most efficiently.

Using B2M’s Elemez software, they can measure what devices are being used ‘when’ and for ‘how long’ and which applications are used and how much data is generated. The product also alerts I.T. if a particular application upgrade adversely affects devices so that the upgrade can be rolled back before users are affected.

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