Mobile analytics are driving performance improvements for retailers


Are Your Staff Able to Consistently Meet or Exceed the Service Levels Your Customers Expect? 

Mobile devices used in retail environments can encounter unexpected problems that are difficult to diagnose. What if you could take proactive measures to prevent these issues from happening?


Improve Battery Management 

There’s nothing worse than being unable to locate a mobile device, or find that a device has been left uncharged at the start of a shift.

Real time enterprise mobile analytics enables you to monitor device location, the health of your batteries and the charging behaviours of staff. 

You can proactively identify batteries that need replacing and find devices that may have gone astray.

Get the most out of your devices and make battery failure a thing of the past.


Say Goodbye to    Wi-Fi Black Holes 

We all know how frustrating it is to lose Wi-Fi coverage or to find that it is on ‘go slow’. It could be that a new display or floor reorganisation has caused unexpected coverage issues.

Real time enterprise mobile analytics can help you to understand when, where and how coverage issues are impacting on your devices on the shop floor and in the back office and warehouse. This enables you to take action fast and measure the improvements from the changes you made.

Don’t let Wi-Fi issues affect your staff’s customer service levels.


Stop User Frustration in Its Tracks

A 2019 B2M Report found that 66% of employees who experience issues with their mobile devices feel anxious or varying levels of stress when their mobile devices fail and they cannot perform their job.

With real time enterprise mobile analytics you can capture information before and after a disruptive event, gain insight into the root cause and take action to prevent issues from arising again.

You can also identify issues affecting the delivery of product from warehouse, store shelves or distribution center, such as mobile/cellular connectivity, battery problems and application issues such as unplanned reboots. 

Help your mobile users to deliver an excellent customer experience by giving them a seamless user experience. 


Don’t Suffer From Application Updates 

Software updates are critical but all too often cause problems on mobile devices. This means your staff may encounter issues or find that certain applications don’t work at all.

Real time enterprise mobile analytics provides visibility of how devices performed before and after a new application or update was deployed.

Application driven issues such as increased battery consumption, device lock ups or reboots can be quickly identified and addressed.

Improve worker productivity and customer satisfaction with trouble-free updates.


Stop Losing Devices!

In a busy retail environment it’s easy to put down a device used for stocktaking or price mark downs.

These devices often get forgotten due to distractions or shift changes but once forgotten it can be extremely hard to find them again.

With real time enterprise mobile analytics you can monitor and locate your devices so that misplaced devices can be found and workers re-trained on the importance of returning the device to be charged.

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