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Mobile analytics is driving performance improvements for field service operations

Are your field service workers as productive as they could be?

Mobile devices are often hit by unexpected problems that are difficult to diagnose in the field. What if you could take proactive measures to prevent these issues from happening?



Real-time Mobile Device Analytics for Field Service workers
Real-time Mobile Device Analytics for Field Service workers

Are cellular coverage and data overages an issue in your business?

Your drivers are on the frontline and rely on mobile technology to deliver products and services critical to your customers.

It provides their maps, their jobs and their communication with the business. 

Without it they would literally be lost.

Prevent mobile devices from leaving your drivers in the lurch.

Stop user frustration in its tracks

Mobile workers get frustrated when their mobile device doesn’t work as expected. In fact, 49% of employees feel that downtime seriously hinders their ability to work, according to an Arlington Research Report commissioned by SOTI.

Mobile workers will typically restart a device to resolve any issues, but this makes it difficult to identify the root cause of the problem.

Mobile device analytics offers greater visibility of devices, even in the field. You can capture information before and after a disruptive event, gain insight into the root cause and take action to prevent issues from arising again.

Reduce mobile device disruptions
Are new mobile applications giving you nightmares?

Are new mobile applications giving you nightmares?

Software updates often cause problems on mobile devices. This means remote workers may encounter issues or find that certain applications don’t work at all.

Mobile device analytics offers an understanding of how devices performed before and after a new application is deployed.

Issues such as increased battery consumption or a jump in device lock ups or reboots can be identified and used to help application developers understand any issues.

Do battery problems stop staff from meeting their targets?

Batteries are the lifeblood of a mobile device but for many companies battery management is a major concern and cost.

Mobile device analytics enables you to understand your batteries and the charging behaviours of staff. You can proactively identify batteries that are failing or unable to power a mobile device for a workday.

Purchasing extra batteries to keep at the ready is an expensive approach to the problem. Let mobile device analytics alert you to batteries that are deteriorating and replace them only as needed.

Do battery problems stop staff from meeting their targets?

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