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Improving critical mobile communications with real-time mobile device analytics for Emergency Services


The Growing Potential of Real-time Mobile Analytics for Emergency Services

The communications capabilities of mobile devices have expanded hugely over recent years, adding messaging, pictures, video and high speed data transfer to basic voice.  There is an opportunity to integrate this data into the way the emergency services operate, minimising delay and errors, and at the same time greatly increasing the available information about any given situation.

Demountable Mobile devices can provide urgent pre-admission care to individuals with a medical emergency, safety data and risk based information for Fire & Rescue services, and situational analysis and procedural recommendations for police. 


Increasing Reliance on Mobile Devices without Decreasing the Rate of Problems

There is an increasing reliance on mobile devices and it’s imperative that they perform consistently without disruption to their users. However, in a recent survey by B2M, it was found that mobile users suffer at least one problem each month that disrupts operations and that their I.T. support teams only see half of these issues. Additionally, 37% of respondents indicated that the number of issues they’ve experienced has increased over the past 12-18 months. Not only are users becoming more dependent on their devices, but often they are beginning to experience more and more device problems.


From Reactive Responses to Proactive Analytics

Management of mobility today tends to be reactive to users’ problems with the main complaints being network connectivity, application instability and battery-life. However, B2M’s solution ‘Elemez’ provides 24×7 monitoring and analysis of the entire mobile estate and alerts support staff when a battery needs replacing or a software app or update is causing excessive battery drain or perhaps connectivity and reboots are causing issues – B2M detects issues before the users know there is a problem.

The use of B2Ms’ Elemez solution transforms operational support from being reactive to problems, to becoming proactive and preventing issues before they affect vital communication in the field.


Proven Results

B2M partnered with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service to guarantee access to vital data needed to best tackle incidents on the front lines and provide firefighters absolute confidence in their devices when they need them most, among other things.  B2M’s Elemez software allowed DWFRS to go beyond MDM software and use real-time data and analytics to optimize operations.

For further information please refer to the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service DWFRS case study which details how they are transforming its’ support of mobile operations.

“The potential and power of the data is unlimited. By using this solution, we have been able to go beyond Mobile Device Management Systems to transform IT support from reacting to problems, to being proactive and preventing issues before they affect vital communication in the field.“

Daniel Grew

Mobile Technology Manager, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Services

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By transforming support to being proactive and preventing problems before they occur, the cost of supporting mobility reduces considerably. The support costs over 5 years typically account for 60-80% of the Total Cost of Ownership while device acquisition accounts for just 20-40%

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