Do you use mobile devices on the front line of your business?

Companies that rely on mobile technology face a number of challenges that can negatively affect worker productivity, customer commitments and the bottom line. 

Real time enterprise mobile analytics gives you the visibility to identify potential issues so that you can take action before they become a major problem.

Let us show you how.

Field Service

Real time mobile analytics for field service companies

Keep your mobile workers connected and productive!

For companies with field based workers such as utilities, telcos, carriers and service engineers keeping your workers connected is critical to hitting your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Find out how real time enterprise mobile analytics can ensure that their mobile technology doesn't let them down.

Transportation, Parcel & Post

Real time mobile analytics for transportation, parcel and postal companies

Your drivers are on the frontline and rely on mobile technology to deliver products and services critical to your customers.

It provides their maps, their jobs and their communication with the business. 

Without it they would literally be lost.

Prevent mobile devices from leaving your drivers in the lurch.


Real time mobile analytics for distribution companies

Warehousing and distribution workers push mobile devices to the limit.

Barcode scanners need to work faster, reach further and cope with a variety of environments.

Batteries need to last a full shift.

Don't let the mobile device be the weakest link in your productivity.

Optimise your mobile devices so they can last as long as your workers need them to.


Real time mobile analytics for retail companies

Delivering an excellent customer experience not only affects a retailer’s ability to hit sales targets, it also directly impacts on your brand.

Shop assistants are relying on mobile technology for price look-ups, stock checks, point of sale and product information.

Don’t let your customer experience get damaged by unreliable mobile technology.

Put a stop to issues like Wi-Fi black holes, application issues and poorly performing batteries now.


Real time mobile analytics for healthcare companies

Mobile devices are a critical tool for patient care. Healthcare professionals rely on them to do their jobs efficiently.

Issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, application updates and battery failure can all cause problems that impact the user’s ability to do their jobs.

In healthcare technology needs to be reliable.

Mobile and wireless analytics can help to ensure nobody suffers because of issues with mobile devices.