We already have an MDM. Isn’t that enough?

No. Elemez was built by a team of MDM experts largely due to the frustration experienced with traditional MDM architectures and the need for real time actionable analytics. Without throwing too many buzzwords at you, we’re focused on Big Data architectures scalable to millions of devices, overlaid with machine learning, artificial intelligence and a swath of other cool technology to ensure our users have the best in real time analytics.

Does this replace my MDM?

No. This enhances your mobile operations and sits on top of the MDM / EMM tools you already have. The MDM / EMM tools are perfect for pushing out app updates, assigning devices and otherwise managing the device on a day to day basis. Elemez is perfect for providing actionable analytics on a minute by minute basis to ensure your mobile devices, applications and users are always on and available.

How can I spot issues with updates on mobile apps?

With Elemez, we can immediately spot upgraded devices which are no longer performing to their normal, baseline performance and flag these for further investigation by the app dev team. Using Elemez, you can develop a robust change management process that allows you to push updates to a pool of devices and use Elemez to monitor performance on this pool eliminating the “spray and pray” upgrades in the past where a bad patch could bring down every device.

How can I discover how many of my mobile devices are not used or in service?

Elemez can easily spot devices not being utilised, allowing you to investigate to determine if indeed you have a lot of spare devices, or if you have a lost/broken/stolen problem.

Is this expensive?

Not as expensive as having mobile workers unable to process orders, ship packages, handle sales, interact with customers, etc. The ROI for Elemez can be dramatic as we prevent outages from ever happening.

Need additional financial metrics? Read our True Cost of Ownership™ paper and then Contact Us for your own customised cost-benefit analysis.

What can Elemez report on in real time to show me the health of my devices?

We are gathering as many statistics as the mobile device and OS will allow, and reporting on these stats based on baseline performance and also utilising the latest in machine leaning and even AI. Key areas of performance tracked include battery usage, network usage and disruptions (reboots, and other warm/cold events).

How can I spot devices not performing correctly at the end of each workshift?

We know that workers often just return devices to the shelf or cabinet, and only report devices which are truly broken or out of service. With Elemez, we can spot these troubled devices before they become completely out of service, and allow you to service them sooner than later, eliminating worker downtime and lost productivity.

So is this predictive analytics?

Yes! The traditional world of MDM and managing enterprise mobility has focused on being reactive and responsive to problems. A problem occurs, a ticket is opened and someone responds with an RMA or other fix. The problem with always being reactive and responsive is that it does not scale across a large number of users, and often results in costly outages which could have been prevented with better analytics that spot issues before they become a crisis.

Elemez is focused on providing actionable insights on things happening now, that also allow those in charge of mobility to predict outcomes and get ahead of any real problems before they get to crisis level. When batteries first begin to show signs of degradation, we spot it and report it before they become battery failures and outages. When mobile app updates show negative performance within the first hours post release, we flag the data before the app creates a wide scale outage. This real time view of mobility is critical in an enterprise world of always-on, always-available mobility.


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