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Driving Mobility Performance

Driving Enterprise Mobility Performance

Enterprise mobility is now mission-critical with most business leaders agreeing that employees cannot complete tasks effectively without mobile devices.

Yet enterprises are struggling to maintain the level of uptime and reliability required for mission-critical mobility, with the result being out-of-control costs, and frustrated end-users.  It's time to shift the management of mobility away from reacting to problems, to being Proactive, Preventive and Predictive against outages.

B2M's Elemez lowers the True Cost of Ownership™ of mobility, improving the overall performance of mobile devices, applications and users.



At the heart of any enterprise mobile device deployment is a robust mobile device management system (MDM/EMM). Developed to help businesses with large mobile deployments to set up and configure their devices, manage over the air updates to the operating system and applications and to lock down devices that get lost or stolen, mProdigy is an MDM with a difference. It goes beyond traditional mobile device management to help companies proactively monitor, analyse and act on information about their business-critical mobile devices. Remote device management enables help desk and support personnel to troubleshoot problems and get mobile workers up and running again quickly.

Working with our partners


B2M has a comprehensive worldwide partner network of managed service providers (MSPs) who have extensive knowledge of our products and your industry. Our partners will work with you to help you to manage your mobile deployment or optimise an existing deployment to improve your return on investment.

Contact us today and we'll put you in touch with a partner who is located close to you and has direct experience of your industry. 

Who we've helped

Optimising device usage across distribution centres
Royal Mail
Improving device utilisation for postal workers
Optimising productivity in the warehouse and showroom
Providing insights into mobile passenger and baggage check-in
Optimising real estate management
Improving device visibility within this parcel carrier’s distribution centres