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Blog: Enterprise Mobile Analytics Demystified in 12 Points

Blog: Enterprise Mobile Analytics Demystified in 12 Points

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Blogs

A lot of people we talk to, including many that are very experienced with mobile computers and apps, don’t completely understand what enterprise mobile analytics technology is, or the value it can provide. Here are 12 simple points to remember to help remove the mystery and misunderstandings about enterprise mobile analytics.

What’s the difference between enterprise mobile analytics and MDM?

1. Enterprise mobile analytics is not the same as mobile device management (MDM).

2. MDM solutions have been developed to manage mobile devices remotely in the field. They have traditionally been used to stage and configure devices, to push out over-the-air software updates and to remotely wipe devices if they have been lost or stolen.

3. Enterprise mobile analytics has been developed to visualize device data, to provide deeper insights into device performance and to make it easy to quickly see trends and identify potential issues that can impact worker productivity. A mobile device management system tells you what happened, or what is happening, with your devices. Enterprise mobile analytics can tell you what will happen, why, how it will affect the device and applications, and what you can do about it.

4. Enterprise mobile analytics provides real-time visibility into how all the devices in an estate are performing against a variety of metrics, such as data usage, application impact on battery life and device utilization throughout the day.

5. Enterprise mobile analytics can provide real-time alerts of potential issues, such as an application that is causing exceptionally fast battery degradation across a number of devices.

6. Enterprise mobile analytics can be used with MDMs and other data sources and can blend data from other sources to provide even richer data insights.

What businesses can benefit from enterprise mobile analytics?

7. Any business where workers depend on their mobile devices.

8. Enterprise mobile analytics is not exclusive to specialized, rugged enterprise mobile computers. The technology can be applied to smart phones, tablets, laptops, printers and other mainstream mobile devices that are used at work.

Why would I need mobile analytics?

9. Enterprise mobile analytics allow you to be proactive by identifying real-time device performance trends and using them to prevent mobile devices from failing due to problems such as software conflicts, battery degradation, connectivity problems or many other issues that commonly occur with mobile computers and smart phones in the field.

10. An estimated 99 percent of mobile device failures are predictable, but are not predicted. Enterprise mobile analytics gives you the real-time visibility and actionable data to close that gap.

11. Enterprise workers and customers require any time, anywhere access to applications, records and other data. Mobility is an expectation, not a differentiator. That means enterprises have to keep their mobile devices running to prevent productivity loss and damage to the brand reputation.

12. Enterprise mobile analytics can save you money by allowing you to optimize device populations – use the insight to redeploy fully or partially unused devices, stop paying for unused software licenses, determine the best data plan for your actual consumption, etc. Get more ROI – mobile analytics will increase the value of your previous investments in MDM solutions, mobile devices and the mobile workforce.

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