Case Study: Zebra partners with B2M Solutions for mobile analytical data vision

by | Jul 1, 2017 | Case Studies

In 2012 B2M began collaborating with Zebra (via Motorola Solutions) to develop its cloud hosted analytics solution called Elemez™. Elemez gives Zebra’s enterprise customers a way to optimize their mobile deployments by applying real time, focused analytics and delivering actionable information.

Today, B2M is working closely with Zebra on new go to market models with the vision of delivering visibility solutions to help companies improve productivity and deliver better experiences.

“We have a collaborative partnership,” says Joe White, Zebra Technologies Corporation’s vice president and general manager of Enterprise Mobile Computing . “The insights and intelligence we’ve gained from the TC55 rollout really went well beyond our expectations and we plan to install Elemez on all of our new devices as they roll out. Without the Elemez technology, there’s no way we could understand all these different use cases and apps. It allows us to get more predictive in our ability to support those customers and be responsive to issues that they see in the field.”