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B2M Solutions has two product offerings that help you take advantage of the promise of big data, analytics and mobility.

elemez-dashboardElemez™ is a highly scalable, cloud-based mobile device analytics solution. Compatible with any MDM, Elemez monitors and measures mobile device behavior and performance to provide previously unavailable, real-time, actionable analytics that provide immediate impact to your business whether you are an OEM, managed service provider or enterprise business.  Elemez’s intelligent alerting system lets you know when key behaviors and performance deviate from what’s normal for your device population. Elemez’s patent pending analytics provides information on:

  • Battery performance
  • Device disruptions
  • Device utilization
  • Device data usage
  • Device application installations and usage
mprodigy-screenmProdigy ®  goes beyond traditional mobile device management to help companies proactively monitor, analyze and act on real-time information about their mission-critical mobile device deployments.  mProdigy provides all of the standard MDM functionality you expect with additional features that help you manage the ruggedized mobile devices that are critical to your business applications.  mProdigy’s analytics takes the management of your device estate to the next level by providing performance and behavior data not available in traditional BYOD MDM products:

  • Provides all standard MDM functions
  • Enhanced MDM functionality ensuring that your devices are always in compliance with your “Gold Image”
  • Analytics tell you about device usage, battery information, WLAN performance and more


Do your device batteries last a full shift?

Battery failures are not only a nuisance but they are also a major contributor to unplanned downtime. It is estimated that every time a worker has to change out a battery they lose at least 20 minutes of productivity. The real-time analytics in Elemez and mProdigy will easily help you avoid this unplanned downtime as well as:

  • Provide visibility on user charging disciplines
  • Highlight batteries that are projected to reach end-of-life
  • Understand impact of battery performance on user productivity
  • Critical battery events during the working day

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Do you know how your devices perform in the real world?

It can be extremely difficult for device manufacturers to bring cost-effective, fit-for-purpose products to market without insight into how the devices are being used in the real world. Elemez can provide valuable insight into:

  • The markets your products are being used in and how your customers are using them
  • How device specific analytics early in the product introduction process, can help you augment your product development decisions
  • New and emerging markets where your devices are being used, helping you make strategic decisions regarding market expansion
  • Device or component failures identifying possible endemic issues allowing you to address them before they become critical

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Is a static snapshot of the state of your mobile device enough?

The enterprise mobility environment is one of today’s most dynamic markets and it is hungry for information that can be acted upon immediately to drive business decisions. It’s time to move beyond the traditional static snapshot of MDMs to software that provides you with real-time actionable analytics to monitor, measure and optimize business critical processes. MProdigy can let you know:

  • Which devices have batteries that are draining quickly
  • Which devices are out of compliance and can automatically restore your “Gold Image” to the device
  • Which devices are actually being used, which devices are idle, and which devices are out of contact
  • Which devices are having WLAN and WAN network issues

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