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Our B2M Partner Community

B2M is committed to the partner channel enabling Mobile Device Manufacturers, Managed Service Providers, MDM Providers, Systems Integrators and Value-Added Resellers to deliver key services based on analytics and key business intelligence.

B2M is uniquely suited to provide OEMs with real world insights into how their mobile devices are functioning once they are deployed to the hands of an end user.

We provide OEMs with the ability to see if new products they develop achieve anticipated performance specifications, if there are areas for improvement or cost savings and if the devices are finding their way into the intended markets or adjacent markets that would be worth mounting a campaign towards.

B2M recognizes these critical elements to enabling the OEM to reduce costs while ensuring the development of suitable fit-for-purpose mobile devices that truly address customer needs and provides outstanding value.

Managed Service Providers

Our products are an excellent platform for MSPs to build a range of services including high touch consultative sales models using the analytical information generated by mProdigy. This will allow resellers to work more in partnership with their customers improve the state of effectiveness of their mobile enterprise environment, allowing the partner to become a more trusted advisor when hardware or application refreshes due.

For those MSPs who have established relationships with other MDMs whose customers do not want to migrate from their current MDM provider, Elemez provides the same in-depth analysis and even greater insight into the mobile enterprise.

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Why B2M

B2M delivers innovative software that provide insight, actionable analytics and results for the mobile enterprise. These real-time, business centric analytics can be acted upon immediately to optimize operational efficiencies, increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Industries & Applications

Our focus is on mission-critical Enterprise Mobility environments where fit for purpose, typically ruggedized devices are in use in a range of applications such as Field Service, Field Sales Force Automation, Direct to Store Delivery, Route Accounting, Parcel and Postal, Transportation and Logistics, Warehousing, Point of Sale and Workforce Optimization and Scheduling.

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