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Are your analytics ensuring that your mobile device batteries are lasting a full shift? We’ve got some ideas.


No Fault Founds can result in hours of lost labor costs. Our software enables your helpdesk to resolve software related issues over the air, without the end user having to physically return their device. Our experience is that reducing NFFs can save you thousands of dollars a month.


Learn how to Identify the root causes of issues adversely impacting your mobile deployment.

Supply Chain Brain

Timely data helps Zebra boost mobile devices’ performance

Field Technologies Online

New software gives mobile device OEMs and managed service providers a real-time view of key business and technology analytics for improved performance and productivity.

Channel Pro

Five practical steps to changing your business model without disrupting your business

m.logistics magazine

Making more use of mobile intelligence

Field Technologies Online

What You Don’t Know About Your Mobile Enterprise May Run You Out Of Business

Elemez Security Connectivity & Compliance White Paper

In the current mobile device climate, there has been a lot of emphasis on the security of the device itself, but frequently the architecture of applicaiton communications to the endpoint is neglected or often overlooked.

The Elemez solution uses cloud technology to make sure that data is protected while it is being stored, processed and transmitted from the device to the application servers.

B2M Solutions: Company Brochure B2M Solutions helps businesses gain insight into how enterprise deployments of mobile devices are being used in the field, providing real-world information that can lead to measurable efficiency improvements and maximum ROI.

Why you need Mobile Device Performance Analytics Elemez is a Mobile Device Performance Software that provides actionable insights through the development of business and technology analytics. The software reflects device performance and proactively highlighting issues that impact efficiency in business critical mobile applications

Elemez gives mobile device OEMs, managed service providers and enterprise customers’ real-time operational views of key business and technology analytics affecting the performance and productivity of mobile enterprise deployments.

mProdigy goes beyond traditional mobile device management to help companies proactively monitor, analyze and act on real-time information about their mission-critical mobile device deployments.

SCAN: The DATA CAPTURE Report, B2M Solutions Takes Aim at the Enterprise Mobility Software Market

Zebra Partners with B2M Solutions for Mobile Analytical Data Vision


Moody International, leaders in technical inspection services and training to oil and gas, construction, mining and power generation industries, selects mProdigy® to deliver a breakthrough reporting system for its global inspectors.


Fleet customers receive a faster and more efficient service since Kwik-Fit Mobile equipped its tyre fitting fleet of 230 mobile technicians with a cutting edge mobile solution – B2M’s mProdigy® helps deliver a 5% increase in efficiency and 75% cut in communications costs.


An innovative mobile maintenance system managed by mProdigy® helps to improve and streamline the facilities management services delivered by Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions across 27 countries.


CBS Outdoor, the leading outdoor advertising and media company, has improved its placement of advertising billboards across London Underground using B2M’s mProdigy® enterprise mobile management platform.

Logistics International PLC improves the delivery of IT and support services to its UK and European clients with B2M’s mProdigy® mobile management suite whilst cutting 92% off the cost of managing its field-engineers’ mobile equipment.

S&A Produce, one of Europe’s largest strawberry producers, now makes better informed decisions and is more responsive to the needs of its customers since implementing B2M’s mProdigy® mobile management suite.

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