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Julie Purves
Founder & CEO
B2M Solutions

Don’t Innovate in Isolation

A close kin to the importance of collaboration described in my last blog is that innovation flourishes with company.  Innovation in isolation just isn’t enough to keep up with growing customer demands to get more from their mobile environments

Innovation already is included when the vision is shared internally and with our business partners and not kept in a secret file. The proof is that B2M is many years ahead of the market in meeting the need for actionable analytics that maximizes our customers’ mobile solutions ROI.

True innovation is aligned with a common vision that is shared internally as well as with our business. Together we have developed innovative technical solutions and the strategies to take them to market.

To measure if this type of innovative relationship is flourishing, we examine the levels of respect shown for everyone involved.

Consider the software developer who has implemented a smart machine based learning technique to show the impact that applications have on battery life.  Does she respect the marketing executive who can explain in clear, simple, captivating terms how this will benefit a customer in ways that have never been possible before?

Does the marketing executive respect the software developer as well?  Both bring considerable value to the innovation cycle. It requires an enormous commitment from everyone but the rewards are phenomenal.

Today, B2M is extending this mutual respect to our partners.  Sharing commitment and respect internally and with our partners ultimately results in something very special for our customers.

As a result, our partners are innovating new value add services focused on actionable insights into what is happening across populations of mobile devices.

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